Pete's Want List

Download: Pete's want list


How to use My Wants List


My Wants List is a Microsoft Excel File. If you do not have Excel and want to view my Wants List, please email me and I can email you a copy back in another format.

Once you download my Wants List, you can use the control find function (Press the "ctrl" and the "F" button at the same time) and then type in the description of what you are looking for.


As we all use different reference books and some cards have blank backs, it is often easier to show a picture of the cards I need.

At the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet you will see tabs. Click on the tab you want and you will see actual picture of the card I need from that set.


Your Wants List


Please send me your Wants List if you would like me to have a look and see if I have any cards you need for your collection.

I have literally thousands of cards that still need to be loaded on to the website.