About Pete

I have collected Cigarette,Tobacco and Trade Cards for over 40 years and have visited many collectors across the world to further my collection.

I primarily collect Early USA Tobacco cards, specialising in pre 1900 as well as collecting “Tobacco War Issues,” predominantly American Tobacco Company (A.T.C) and British American Tobacco Company (B.A.T), pre 1905.

I also collect some “Taddy” cards and all “Wills Maori Series”. 


I am currently a member of the New Zealand, Australian and Great Britian Cartophilic Societies. 

The purpose of my website is to further my collection for as few dollars as possible.

I have lots of spare cards – and need to find new collectors to trade with. I prefer to trade cards whereever possible.

This is not a business – I am a collector not a dealer.

Whilst I can sell cards – my preference is to trade – so look in those drawers and find me some cards!


My Wants List


Please download my Wants List in Excel or email me and I will send you a copy.

Please note that this List can change weekly so please make sure you have an up to date version.

As some cards are hard to identify, I will often quote a reference book number or to make it simpler I will show a picture of the card I am chasing in the tabs at the bottom of my Wants List..


Download: Pete's Want List (.xlsx)


Your Wants Lists

If you are needing some cards please email me your wants list and I will try to help out as best I can.


Sell me your cards


If you have cards to sell please email me a list to pete@cardtraderpete.com and attached scans where possible.